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ironmaiden tour w/ Bettina Johae: Sunday, April 10th

tour to Istanbul April 20-23

guiding architects meeting Athens 2011


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Iron Maiden Tour : eminent domain, NYC tour with Bettina Johae
Sunday, April 10th

A road trip through four of New York City’s boroughs investigating the use of eminent domain (the right of a government to take property), for public and private use, throughout the city’s history. The sites of eminent domain range from the early condemnations for public parks and streets in the 19th century to the vast condemnations during the Robert Moses era for highways, railways, parks, office buildings, universities, cultural and convention centers, and public and private housing projects to contemporary sites, such as the New York Times building, the Atlantic Yards project, Willets Point, and the Columbia University expansion. The drive-by tour includes stops at selected sites and will last approximately four hours. Seats are $125 per passenger. To reserve a seat for eminent domain, nyc Tour, contact Naomi Miller at tour@ironmaidenartisttours.com



Istanbul excursion in April

Our network partners in Istanbul and Graz are offering a tour to contemporary architecture in Istanbul from April 20-23. This tour will be in German only. For upcoming tours in English feel free to contact us or our network partners.

A detailed tour description and booking information can be found here.



Guiding Architects Meeting 2011, Athens, Greece

The annual network meeting of Guiding Architects took place from February 24-27 in Athens with participants from cities all across Europe, Asia and the United States. Guiding Architects remains commited to dissaminating first hand information on the contemporary city and its architecture. We are happy to welcome our new member in Milan, Italy!

For more information on the Guiding Architects Network click here.